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ZERO Sievert – Kill Igor; Is It a Good Idea?

Zero Seviert contains many tasks that can affect other characters. In this article, you will learn about Igor’s quest and the potential rewards for killing him.

In Zero Sievert, sometimes you have to do bad things to be able to survive the next day. In this article you will learn about what happens if you kill Igor and what rewards await you for killing or saving him.

Igor Kuzmin is located in Forest. That’s where you can find his house, which is surrounded by a fence. You can get to the forest early in the game, so finding it should not be a problem.

Where to find Igor?

What task can you receive from Igor?

Killing this NPC will result in the fact that you will be able to get his equipment and the items he has are very useful at the very beginning of the game. In his backpack there is, for example a Mosin Nagant with a silencer. This weapon will come in handy especially if you want to eliminate your victims from afar and want to make your character harder to detect. In his belongings you will also find two bottles of vodka and ammunition.

In our opinion, killing Igor can be helpful to make the beginning of the game easier, however, in the long run it is unprofitable. Mainly because after completing his missions, every time you visit him on a different day, he will gift you items he found while hunting. These include mid to high-tier items. Therefore, if you are doing quite well at the beginning of the game, we advise you against killing Igor. It will definitely pay you more to leave him alive to receive various items from him.

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