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‘Zero Tolerance for Threats’; Respawn Warns Players

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Apex Legends players have overdid it with criticism. Respawn Entertainment has firmly reminded them that there is a clear, impassable line between feedback and hating.

Respawn has recently faced a sizable wave of hate, culminating in a Twitter plea for civilized behavior. The developers are being harassed by part of the community, which should not happen at all.

The situation that has arisen is related to the condition of Apex Legends, which according to fans is not satisfactory. Developers are accused of procrastinating on fixing problems or avoiding the issue altogether. In the company’s statement, we can read that there is a clear line separating constructive criticism from harassment.

Feedback – yes, harassment – forget it.

What’s wrong with Apex Legends?

This issue also returned under the aforementioned tweet. The fact is, Apex apex do not want to justify the threats in any way, but this does not mean that Respawn is blameless.

It is worth mentioning that the appeal against the harassment from Respawn Entertainment developers was supported by Bungie, which also faces threats and trolls.

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